Learn more about SWFL Bubble Soccer

  • What is Bubble Soccer?

    We’ll let this video give you a good idea of what Bubble Soccer is all about.

  • Do I have to have experience playing soccer?

    No, you do not have to have previous experience playing soccer.  Bubble Soccer is fun whether you have athletic tendencies or not.

  • Are there positions like in regular soccer?

    No positions, coaches or goalies needed.  Run, kick, bounce, have fun!

  • What are the rules for Bubble Soccer?

    • #1 Rule is to have fun
    • No positions, coaches or goalies needed
    • >You can bump someone at any time, OTHER than when they are already on the ground>
    • No intentional contact with shoes or feet to the bubbles
    • No intentional contact with another play with anything other than your bubble
    • No cleats or shoes with sharp points, edges, buckles, or straps
    • Bubble Soccer is co-ed
    • No alcohol is to be consumed while playing
    • No sharp objects inside of the bubble (all jewelry must be taken off)
    • No intentional action which may cause damage to the bubbles. You break you buy!​

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